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How Is Construction Trash Removal Disposed Of?

Always Wondered What Happened to All the Construction Waste?

If you have ever watched renovation shows on the television and wonder how all the construction trashed removal was disposed of, read on to find out.

One of the easiest ways to stop filling up local landfills is via recycling. Items such as cardboard, wood, and paper can all be recycled to create new products; the same can be said about steel and drywall. Concrete and masonry waste can be crushed to make aggregate, which in turn can be used on new projects. Contractors will often choose to separate these materials while they are still at a job site, or can rely on facilities that accept such loads.

Other than recycling, there are a few other sustainable methods available to dispose of construction waste. A process known as deconstruction can be used; this is when a building is carefully disassembled in such a way which will allow most of its parts to be reused. Items such as wood, cabinets, doors, flooring, and other fixtures can all be re-purposed or reused at the same project or kept to use on other jobs. Contractors can also focus on material suppliers who buy back excess materials or allow boxes and packaging to be returned. It is often feasible to reuse bracing and shoring products instead of relying on temporary ones.

Proper construction waste management not only benefits those involved but can impact the environment too. Excessive quantities of construction waste are starting to require more and more space devoted to landfills, rather than more productive purposes. Producing new materials instead of reusing any re-salvaged ones calls for the use of fossil fuels, which in turn leads to an increase in greenhouse gas production. Lastly, a lot of energy is wasted with the job of construction trash removal. Food for thought, is it not?

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